nadja schmidt

Co-Founder & Feelgood Manager

Nadja’s love for snowboarding, cycling and surfing give her a deep connection with nature, mountains and the sea. It’s what drives her. She always gives 100% which, combined with her passion for PR, writing and creative solutions, means she achieves fantastic results. But how did her career in communications start? After writing for different sports magazines and completing her studies in business administration, she started working as a PR consultant with a focus on sports-, lifestyle-, and outdoor PR. From classic outdoor brands to ski brands, and international running and skateboarding events, to TV stations and global sports technology companies – Nadja’s portfolio could not be broader. Just like her skills in freelance communications consultancy and content creation in the lead up to founding nanacom with Anna. Innsbruck is her second home (aside from Munich), which is the perfect base from which to indulge all her outdoor passions.

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